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How one Client Earned $1 Million Thanks to Google

First of all, there are two types of website design companies.  There are companies that only build your website, and there are companies that also promote it.  The majority of web designers fall into the group that won't get you the best results when it comes to Google.


So does getting results on Google even matter?  Keep in mind that 85% of internet traffic starts on a search website such as Google.  The better your website's position on a search engine, the more visitors you get.  Not showing up on the first page of Google for important searches can mean losing countless leads and a great deal of potential cash.


So How Do You Know Which Design Company to Trust?


Any web design company can build a website.  Unfortunately, most don't know how to get that website to rank well on Google, Yahoo, or Bing.  What's worse is that a few designers will even promise to get your site on the first page of Google, but don't mention in advance that they expect you to pay Google every month for ads.  So what about our company?


We get our clients results that they don't have to pay a dime to Google for.  We not only build your website, but we "optimize" it to rank well on search engines.  We take over ten years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experience, and we pour it into your new site.  That way, your site is more likely to be found on Google, Yahoo, AOL, and MSN.  And more than likely, you found us through a search website in the first place.


How We Helped One Client Score a Million Dollar Project


Years ago, Beard Construction Group contacted our company because they needed a new website.  More importantly, they wanted new business.  So when we designed their website, we also researched what type of Google searches would be best for them.


One of those searches was "Louisiana construction company."  Since our client was literally competing with hundreds of other construction companies in the state, the task to rank well wouldn't come easy.  But before a year had passed, we got the results.


Beard became the #1 result on Google for "Louisiana Construction Company."  That's when they were found by a new client thanks to their high-ranked position.


The new contract they picked up from that client was for over a million dollars.  To read the actual quote from the company's Vice President, Click Here

screenshot of our client ranked first in Google


That was just one of many new projects that they picked up over the years.  Today, Beard Construction is still the #1 result on Google for "Louisiana Construction Company."


So What Can Delta Creations Actually Do for You?


In addition to Beard Construction, we have dozens of other clients that rank well on Yahoo and Google.  Of course, the results aren't the same for every business.  Not everyone is guaranteed to make the first page of Google.  Not everyone will get immediate results.


But we promise to use ten years of Search Engine Optimization experience to make your site rank as well as possible.  We design and market  websites anywhere in the world from only $500 to $3,000 and up.  Don't lose money by not having a professional website that's optimized for Google, please call 225-337-4360 now or send us an email for a free quote or more info on our services.







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